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About Myers Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Owner and Instructor, Carla Myers, teaches the American Kenpo style of karate. Kenpo is an ancient martial art, with a 2000 year history that spans the globe.

Popularized by Edmund K. Parker, Sr, one of the true pioneers of Karate in the United States and was the first to create a truly American system of Karate, Ed Parker's American Kenpo is a modern edition of the art known for employing up to date scientific principles not utilized by many other systems.

Ed Parker opened America's first professional Karate studio in 1956 and has been called the father of American Karate.

Self Defense

American Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu is known for its realistic approach to self-defense. It is known for its fast and powerful striking, as well as powerful kicking, grappling, and submissions.

Self-confidence, Knowledge and Respect

Even though most people outside of Kenpo primarily see it as a system of self-defense, at Myers Kenpo Karate we stress the importance of becoming a complete Martial Artist. Students gain self confidence, respect, and a thirst for knowledge and self development.

Our Instructors 

Lead Instructor 
Carla Myers   (3rd Black)

Assistant Instructors
Miss Jennifer

Youth Leaders

Miss Sadie
Miss Correniah
Miss Sammy